7 days in Ireland: Galway


Every time I mentioned I’d be visiting Ireland, people said “you must visit Galway.” When Irish people in Dublin inquired about our next destination, they all nodded excitedly with approval. Everyone loves Galway.

We loved Galway.

And Galway loved us.


Which is why I have very few pictures of our time in the city. I was too busy falling in love, again, and again.

With the cobblestone streets, with the food, with the…oh who am I kidding. My neck got a workout from all the double takes.

After 2 days there, we stopped in a pub for a pint and started chatting with the (gorgeous) bartender.


He dazzled us with his life story and his knowledge about Galway.

(And, in what was the most peak Irish moment of our trip, he mentioned he’d gone to his doctor for persistent stomach issues.  His doctor’s medical advice? Stop drinking Budweiser.  Not, mind you, that he stop drinking, or, I don’t know, eat more vegetables? Just that he stop drinking Budweiser. All those chemicals, he explained. And of course, he made a swift recovery. Questionable medical system aside, I can not overstate how much I loved Ireland)

He asked us what we’d done in Galway so far.  It’d been 48 hours after all.

Um. We began naming bars and restaurants.

“Have you seen the docks”, he asked, confused.

“The Spanish arch?”

*Other places I can’t remember because I was lost in his eyes.*


What we’d seen were the works of art from multiple nations strolling through the city. What we’d done was had 2 amazing nights out with locals and other visitors who’d fast become friends.


The greatest part of Ireland is it’s people and Galway was no exception.  It was a true gem because of it’s friendly, welcoming locals.

So yes, go to Galway. Bring a rain coat. Find a true local pub. Listen to live Irish music. Knock back some ciders. Chat with locals. You just might fall in love with this tiny drizzly city and the people who call it home.






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