Up next?

I graduate from my MSW program on December 12, 2014.

It’s damn near July. How is that even possible?

Time flies when you’re having fun! Alternately, it also flies when you’re not having fun because time stops for no one. Write that down.

So, over the next 5 months I need to decide what’s next for these restless legs (TM). I’ve been craving travel with a vengeance.  Possibly an extended trip to South America. I’m also eager to see more of the United States. I’m an east coast girl and I’ve seen a lot of the South. But, the southwest, midwest, pretty much any region ending in west has yet to be explored by yours truly. I’m considering a cross country road trip, because, when I do things I like to do them big. However, I’ve spent the last year living off Uncle Sam’s loans and my savings are laughable. So, big trips may not be feasible.

I may need to get a big girl job (BGJ) :(. I mean, I guess that’s why one goes to graduate school, right? Well, to get a BGJ will likely require me to stay in one place for a while. That could be New Orleans or that could be another city in the world. I love New Orleans and I planned to stay here for several years (I say that every time I move) but there are several factors (which I’ll discuss in another post) that could lead me to relocate.

I’ve been thinking a lot about where I would move next. Currently my list of potential cities is as follows:

  • Los Angeles (During my quick trip I loved the weather, the beaches, the people and the overall vibe)
  • Denver (never been, I hear it’s clean, sunny and friendly)
  • Pretty much anywhere in California except San Francisco. I’ve always seen CA as the promised land but I was not a fan of SF.

I’d also like to visit the following cities to assess their livability: Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Austin. IMPRESS ME, cities.

I am also very open to living abroad but with nearly 100k in school debt I would have to be funded by a job or (extremely handsome) wealthy benefactor.

If you know of someone who wants to throw endless buckets of money at me to fund my every whim, please point him in my direction.

While I currently have more questions than answers about my future I’m also very confident that it’ll all work out for the best. Call it naiveté, blind optimism or a new membership to sugardaddiez.com.


Probably all of the above.


One thought on “Up next?

  1. You may keep changing your mind but comforting to see a blend of optimism & realism…well grounded!
    You have a bright future ahead


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