Back to the Adult Hood

The funny thing about living at home is you immediately revert to a 14 year old. I’ve lived away from home for nearly ten years and yet the instant I returned I was transformed into a lazy, complaining, moody teenager.

After two weeks of mostly laying around, whining about doing any semblance of chores, going to the mall incessantly and getting all of my meals cooked for me, it’s time to return to Adulthood.  

47th trip to the mall

Tomorrow I will be driving down to New Orleans to start the next chapter of my life. I will find an apartment in the Big Easy, celebrate my 30th birthday with close friends (and drunk strangers) and, in September, begin graduate school to pursue my dreams of getting paid to help people deal with their problems.  I don’t like to pick favorites but 2013 is pretty high up on my list of best years ever.

I still have lots to blog about regarding the Central America trip and I hope to take many more  blog-worthy trips in the future. I do apologize for the inconsistent posting, and the fact that that will likely not change. 

Regardless, I’m very excited for this next chapter and I hope you’ll tag along.

Speaking of me and you, as soon as I get that apartment, consider my couch open for visitors. I’ll have a fridge full of buzz balls waiting for you.